Modeling and Biostatistics in Radiation Oncology

Research Staff

Dr. Alex Zwanenburg-Bezemer

PhD, Physicist
+49 (0)351 458 7442

Dr. Fabian Hennings

PhD, Physicist
+49 (0)351 458 5650

PhD Students

Sebastian Starke

MSc, Statistics
+49 (0)351 260 3693

Martina Palkowitsch

MSc, Technical Physics

Aaron Kieslich

MSc, Mecial Radiation Sciences

Cylia Ouadah (jointly with group Translational Radiooncology)

MSc, Medical Imaging and Applications
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Lena Denne (jointly with group Image-Guided High-Precision Radiotherapy)

MSc, Media informatics

Lukas Dünger

MSc, Medical Radiation Sciences

Emily Mäusel

MSc, Medical Radiation Sciences