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OncoRay – National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology conducts cancer research across the boundaries of disciplines and institutions for the benefit of patients. The vision its scientists pursue is to significantly improve the treatment of cancer by administering radiation therapy that is biologically-personalized and technically-optimized.


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J. Hörner-Rieber, D. Bernhardt, O. Blanck, M. Duma, H. Th. Eich, S. Gerum, E. Gkika, P. Hass, Ch. Henkenberens, H.-U. Herold, G. Hildebrandt, D. Imhoff, H. Kahl, St. Janssen, K. Jurianz, R. Krempien, St. F. Lautenschläger, F. Lohaus,..., M. Guckenberger

Long-term Follow-up and Patterns of Recurrence of Patients With Oligometastatic NSCLC Treated With Pulmonary SBRT

Alexander Schulz, Felix Meyer, Anna Dubrovska, Kerstin Borgmann

Cancer Stem Cells and Radioresistance: DNA Repair and Beyond

Jan Eulitz, Benjamin Lutz, Patrick Wohlfahrt, Almut Dutz, Wolfgang Enghardt, Caroline Karpowitz, Mechthild Krause, Esther G C Troost, Armin Lühr

A Monte Carlo based radiation response modelling framework to assess variability of clinical RBE in proton therapy

Gurtner K., Kryzmien Z., Koi L., Wang M., Benes CH., Hering S., Willers H., Baumann M., Krause M.

Radioresistance of KRAS/TP53-Mutated Lung Cancer can be overcome by Radiation Dose Escalation or EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition In Vivo

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