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OncoRay – National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology conducts cancer research across the boundaries of disciplines and institutions for the benefit of patients. The vision its scientists pursue is to significantly improve the treatment of cancer by administering radiation therapy that is biologically-personalized and technically-optimized.


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Gurtner K., Kryzmien Z., Koi L., Wang M., Benes CH., Hering S., Willers H., Baumann M., Krause M.

Radioresistance of KRAS/TP53-Mutated Lung Cancer can be overcome by Radiation Dose Escalation or EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition In Vivo

J. Eulitz, E.G.C. Troost, F. Raschke, E. Schulz, B. Lutz, A. Dutz, S. Löck, P. Wohlfahrt, W. Enghardt, C. Karpowitz, M. Krause, A. Lühr

Predicting late magnetic resonance image changes in glioma patients after proton therapy

Sha Jin, Wei-Chun Lee, Daniela Aust, Christian Pilarsky, and Nils Cordes

β8 integrin mediates pancreatic cancer cell radiochemoresistance

Sonja M Schellhammer, Aswin L Hoffmann, Sebastian Gantz, Julien Smeets, Erik van der Kraaij, Sébastien Quets, Stefan Pieck, Leonhard Karsch and Jörg Pawelke

Integrating a low-field open MR scanner with a static proton research beam line: proof of concept

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