Experimental area for proton research

Proton facility in the OncoRay research building (left to right): therapy suite, experimental area, cyclotron. (c) OncoRay

The core of the OncoRay research building is an innovative proton facility. While patients are being treated, OncoRay scientists can concurrently conduct research on and improve the use of protons in cancer therapy. To this end, the proton beam is directed via a separate beamline to an experimental area. Whenever the proton beam is not needed for treating patients it can be used to investigate the impact of the particles in vitro or in vivo or to address physical and technical issues.
The experimental area can also be used by external researchers.
Contact: Dr. Jörg Pawelke (Joerg.Pawelke[at]oncoray.de)

Preclinical Imaging Platform

The Preclinical Imaging Platform at the OncoRay Center is composed of the following devices:

Name of device Manufacturer Function
Xtreme II Bruker Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI), Multi-Spectral Fluorescence Imaging (MS FLI), Direct Radioistopic Imaging (DRITM), Cherenkov Imaging (CLI), X-ray Imaging (XRI)
Ultrasound Vevo2100 System VisualSonics Doppler Mode, 3D-Mode Imaging & Volume Analysis, Image Guided Injection, 3D Visualization
nanoScan PET/MRI Mediso PET: spatial resolution at 700 µm by Tera-Tomo 3D PET; MRI: spatial resolution at 100 µm, 1 Tesla permanent magnet
SAIGRT, small animal image guided radiotherapy Inhouse development X-Ray, CBCT, Irradiation


The devices can also be used by external researchers.

Contact: Vivien William (v.william[at]hzdr.de), Dr. Rebecca Bütof (Rebecca.Buetof[at]uniklinikum-dresden.de), Dr. Antje Dietrich (a.dietrich[at]dkfz-heidelberg.de)