At OncoRay, some 80 scientists cooperate in cross-disciplinary research groups focusing on medicine, physics, biology and information science.

Our vision: To significantly improve the treatment of cancer by administering radiation therapy that is biologically-personalized and technically-optimized.

To this end, scientists investigate specific characteristics of tumor cells, such as genetic factors and oxygen content. ‘Biomarkers’ of this kind can help determine, for example, whether a tumor will respond to radiation therapy well or not so well. On the basis of this information, small groups of patients can be given tailor-made therapies.

In addition, researchers analyze, improve and develop innovative devices and methods for radiation therapy and high-precision imaging during and after treatments.

The focus of activities is translational research, which means that lab results should reach the patient as quickly as possible. OncoRay researchers thus get together with physicians from the Department of Radiotherapy and Radiooncology at Dresden University Hospital to conduct a host of clinical studies examining promising research results. Often, other hospitals, research groups and industrial partners are also involved at both national and international level.