HZDR awards prizes for special achievements

Dr. Caroline Karpowitz, Prof. Armin Lühr, Jan Eulitz, Christian Hahn and Erik Schulz (from right) were awarded the Research Prize 2020. On the left in the picture Prof. Mechthild Krause, Director of the Institute of Radiation Oncology - OncoRay. © André Wirsig

Laudatio by Prof. Mechthild Krause. © André Wirsig

14. July 2021

An interdisciplinary research team was awarded the Research Prize 2020 at the HZDR Awards Ceremony in the Great Lecture Hall on Wednesday, July 14. The Board of Directors recognized the outstanding research work of former and current staff members of the Institute of Radiation Oncology - OncoRay, including Jan Eulitz, Dr. Felix Raschke, Tim Wesemann and Prof. Armin Lühr. Erik Schulz, Dr. Caroline Karpowitz (both University Medical Center Dresden) and Christian Hahn (formerly TU Dresden) were also involved in the work. The group was able to use magnetic resonance imaging to study how the human brain changes after photon and proton irradiation.