Research Focus at the Department of Radiation Protection Physics

  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of radiation sources and radiation fields, development of modern procedures to determine the human radiation exposure, analysis of radiation effects in solids and their utilisation for dosimetry, Monte Carlo methods for the calculation of radiation effects.
    Field of application: finding physical fundamentals to ensure radiation protection at nuclear facilities, accelerators and for applications in science, development and medicine
    Focuses: solid state dosimetry, radiation transport

  • Theoretical and experimental research in radioecology, especially the development and methods for environmental radiation detection, environmental analysis using radiometric und tracer methods
    Field of application: characterisation of natural radiation sources, radioactive sources comming up on the waste managment from former mining and industrie activities, Measurement of radon and its decay products

  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of radiation application in biology and medicine, characterisation of the correlation between physical quantities and biological effects, quantification of the radiation exposure taking into account the effects of different radition types, investigation of the energy deposition in cells and cell components
    Field of application: dosimetry and radiation field examination for radiotherapy and radiation diagnostic, research into cell damage processes induced by irradiation

  • Examination of technical processes using radiotracers
    Field of application: investigation of matter transport in chemical processes, determination of the efficency in mixing processes, investigation of corrosion, abrasion and emission processes