Dr. Rebecca Bütof, physician of the Department of Radiooncology receives the Else Kröner-Research College for young physicians which are active in science.


With this Research College of the Else-Kröner Fresenius Stiftung the Medical Faculty of the Technische Universität Dresden together with the University Hospital Dresden for the first time offer the possibility for protected times of research in the frame of a 3-year lasting structured education and exemption program (training for clinician scientists). For this, a flexible preparation phase for a 12-month rotation into science and afterwards an establishment phase with the aim to establish an own working group as well as autonomous fundraising (third party funds) is foreseen.

In her research project Dr. Bütof aims to investigate an individualized definition of the “Clinical Target Volume” (CTV) for the high-precision radiotherapy with photons based on certain tumor characteristics. In different preclinical brain tumor models the microscopic tumor extension before and during fractionated radiotherapy will be examined (histology and imaging). Additionally, the results of further imaging analyses (Radiomics) of tumors with histological data will be correlated to investigate the validity of the non-invasive estimation of the CTV and the possibility of a CTV adaption during the course of fractionated radiotherapy.