Dr. Martin Hiller: „Patents – Why? What? How? “

Research-Seminar, 17.08.2017

Dr. Martin Hiller, Technology Transfer and Legal Affairs, HZDR, Quelle: HZDR

Patents play an important role both for industry and research institutions. The talk will discuss the significance of patents, the question of what can be patented, and the procedure for patenting at HZDR.
The talk will give an introduction on what kind of inventions can be protected by a patent, on the requirements for successful patenting, and on the consequences of patent protection. Potential benefits of patents both for HZDR and the inventors will be illustrated, e.g. the role of patents in supporting the acquisition of external funding or in establishing research and industry cooperations. Finally, the steps required for turning an idea into a patent at HZDR are presented.

Internal event, 17.8.2017, 2 p.m., Seminar room 1