Within the DKTK consortium the partner site Dresden stands for: Improvement of radio-oncological treatment by biological individualization and technical optimization including the use of particle radiotherapy in the context of innovative multimodal oncology strategies. In Dresden (and in the radiation oncology part of the program “Radiation oncology and Imaging”) particular emphasis is given to

  • High-precision radiotherapy approaches, with a focus on particle therapy.
  • Biology-driven individualization of treatment, using novel bio-imaging approaches and radiation-specific biomarkers, and by combining radiation with molecularly targeted drugs that may specifically modify radiation responses.
  • And the dedicated and consortium-wide RadPlanBio platform, a database for multicenter clinical and preclinical studies linked to imaging and radiotherapy plan data, is available at all the DKTK sites (coordination: Dresden/Heidelberg) and also for more national and international non-DKTK partners.