Prof. Marco Schippers –„Cyclotrons and Synchrotrons"

Vorlesung, 30.03.2017

Prof. Marco Schippers


Prof. Dr. Marco Schippers (Paul Scherrer Institut, Schweiz) - "Cyclotrons and Synchrotrons"
30.03.2017, 17-18.30 Uhr, Seminarraum 1, OncoRay

Radiation  research  in  oncology  requires  the  use  of  high  quality  sources  of  x-ray,  electron-  and ion-beams,  as  well  as  their  precise  control and  characterization.  This  lecture  reviews  the current  state-of-art  in  radiation  sources,  and  discusses  new  advances  based  on  both  radio-frequency-accelerator  and  laser  technologies,  which  promise  performance  improvements  for  fundamental research and a prospective for future clinical application.

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