Lecture by a doctoral candidate at OncoRay @André Wirsig

Founded in 2005, the OncoRay Postgraduate School offers in-depth training for physicists, engineers, biologists and physicians.

OncoRay teaching focuses on the Master’s program in “Medical Radiation Sciences.” In addition to fundamental knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, technology and medicine, the program also covers the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the context of radiotherapy. Moreover, candidates can opt to obtain a qualification as a medical physics expert.

A cross-disciplinary doctoral program addresses medical scientists, natural scientists and engineers. They receive advanced education and training as well as professional mentoring.

OncoRay also plays a significant role in training medical scientists to become radiation specialists.


OncoRay provides ideal working conditions for scientists and other staff from 28 countries. We are always on the lookout for new members of our international team. As well as applying for positions advertised, qualified candidates are encouraged to submit unsolicited applications at any time.

Many staff are employed at the HZDR Institute of Radiooncology – OncoRay. They benefit from the portfolio of continuing education opportunities on offer there, HZDR’s proven track record for family friendliness, the promotion of the younger generation and the center’s health management policy. >>>

With more than 300 daycare places for small children, Dresden University Hospital is also a family-friendly institution, actively promoting the work-family balance. Furthermore, staff benefit from the educational and training opportunities on offer at the Carus Academy and the programs at the Carus Vital Health Center. >>>

TU Dresden has been certified as a family-friendly university and promotes equal opportunities. >>>