The main aim of the research group “High precision radiotherapy” is the scientific evaluation of new high precision methods in radiation oncology to enable an optimal and fast translation of these methods into clinical application. The focus is mainly on proton therapy, namely the increase of the precision and robustness of proton treatments. This challenge is tackled from different directions: Improvement of range predictions by means of Dual-energy CT, proton range verification by means of prompt gamma ray imaging, robust & adaptive treatment planning. Also the treatment of moving tumors is addressed. Furthermore, new criteria on the medical physics level are established, e.g. to identify those patients which benefit most from proton therapy.

We want to make use of the unique preconditions at OncoRay: Not only the state-of-the-art infrastructure with a modern proton therapy facility including dual-energy in-room CT and multimodal imaging devices but also the very close connection to clinicians and other research groups at OncoRay.

Current research topics:

Towards increased precision & robustness in proton therapy

  • Dual energy CT for precise range calculation
  • Clinical implementation of PGI (together with the in vivo dosimetry group)
  • Adaptive proton therapy
  • Dose-based patient positioning

Towards optimal treatment techniques for challenging target sites

  • Proton-Photon comparison for HNC dose escalation
  • Intra-fractional motion (lung): Treatment evaluation based on machine log files, motion imaging and online motion monitoring 
  • Inter-fractional motion (prostate): Patient positioning & dose accumulation

Towards patient individualization

  • Radiomics
  • Patient pre-selection for PT of HNC
  • Biological adapted image-guided radiotherapy