In the National Center for Radiation Research, OncoRay, physicians, scientists and engineers are working on their doctoral theses. To obtain a highly qualified education of the candidates, an ambitious interdisciplinary doctorate program was established. The program of OncoRay was designed for academic qualification of talented young national and international researchers in the field of radiation research in oncology. OncoRay provides a capacious collection of most modern technological facilities and the specialised expertise of mentors, necessary for a successful start of a scientific career.

In addition to the intensive supervision of the theses, the program provides a well-structured guidance to good scientific practice as well as an advanced training in Radiation Research in Oncology. For MD students the program matches the requirements of the MD program of the Medical Faculty and can be considered as a variety of this. The program fulfils international requirements and is open to young researches of the „In-House“ working groups as well as to the working groups associated with OncoRay.

Furthermore, the program is open to young guest scientists, who want to use the facilities of OncoRay during a short time period.