OncoRay is permanently accepting applications of new candidates who want to join our Research Groups. The groups offer interesting projects for all levels of qualification, as e.g. student projects, diploma projects, PhD projects, and advanced projects for postdoctoral researchers.

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OncoRay is offering a position for:

PhD Student (f/m/x): The cancer cell adhesome for chromatin organization and DNA damage response

PhD Student (f/m/x): Key proteins of the cancer cell adhesome connecting radiosensitivity and angiogenesis

Research Assistant (w/m/d) in the group "Molecular and Cellular Radiobiology"

PhD Student (m/f/d): Towards automatized online verification of proton therapy

PhD Student (m/f/d): Integration of MRI into treatment delivery and response evaluation

PhD Student (m/f/d): Microscopic analysis of treatment-related changes following radio(chemo)therapy