January 11, 2018 Aktualisierungskurs nach Strl und RöV

15.-16.06.2018: Strahlenschutz und Qualitätssicherung

Strahlenschutz und Qualitätssicherung bei modernen strahlentherapeutischen Verfahren und in der klinisch-strahlentherapeutischen Forschung

Wissenschaftliches Symposium, kombiniert mit einem Aktualisierungskurs nach StrlSchV und RöV




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January 08, 2018 Colloquium

11.01.2018: Prof. Dr. George Illiakis - Logic and necessities in the repair of DNA double strand breaks in higher eukaryotes.

11.01.2018 at 2.00 pm, Seminar Room 1, OncoRay (building 130)

Host: Prof. Dr. W. Enghardt, Dr. E. Beyreuther

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November 23, 2017 Laureate

Dr. Rebecca Bütof, physician of the Department of Radiooncology receives the Else Kröner-Research College for young physicians which are active in science.

With this Research College of the Else-Kröner Fresenius Stiftung the Medical Faculty of the Technische Universität Dresden together with the University Hospital Dresden for the first time offer the possibility for protected times of research in the frame of a 3-year lasting structured education and...

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November 16, 2017 Laureate

Dr. Johannes Petzoldt receives the 19 th Christoph-Schmelzer-Preis for his PhD-thesis

Dr. Johannes Petzoldt receives the 19th Christoph-Schmelzer-Preis for his PhD-thesis Dr. Johannes Petzoldt, former PhD-student in the working group of Dr. Guntram Pausch, receives the 19th Christoph-Schmelzer-Preis for his thesis “Toward the Clinical Application of the Prompt Gamma-Ray Timing Method...

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September 22, 2017 Weiterbildungsveranstaltung

06.-09.12.2017: Klinische Strahlenbiologie für Ärzte in der Weiterbildung zum Radioonkologen

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